Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mixed Baggage

I was so exhausted last night that I slept on the love seat.. more on the exhaustion part later. Em kept yelling at me to "wake up!", but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. It's funny the dreams you have when you're so tired you can't think. It was a mix of things..

-My 10 yr high school reunion
-The wedding of a friend of the family
-The reception.. I dig receptions.. esp those with an open bar :D
-The cake at this reception
-There were bigass cupcakes, too..
-I gave up cake and bigass cupcakes for Lent along with peanut butter and chocolate and other "crap"
-Seriously, the frosting was to DIE for.

A lot has happened over the week and I've been pretty busy. I ran a trail marathon on the 4th and I was somewhat undertrained. I like to do races like this to not only see where I'm at physically, but to throw myself into shape since I know I'm not in shape. I finished in 5:50.. it was closer to 27+ miles than the standard 26.2. It was cold as hell that day, too. I know I wasn't recovered when I tried to run a 12k trail run yesterday. The run wasn't the problem.. the problem was that I woke up late, I biked 4 miles to the trail head, ran about 3.5 miles of trails to the race start, ran the race on nothing but 2 GU gels since I had no time for breakfast, walked a good portion of it, finished over 10 minutes slower than last years time, had to run 3.5 miles back to my bike, and bike 4 miles home. I was toast. Then I went swimming.. SWIMMING!! Notice.. I've been in the pool 2 times in the month of March.. a record! I think last week I swam about 3000m, but only managed 2000 because of time constraints.. and because my feet kept freakin cramping up. Trying to kick with a cramping arch sucks.

After running errands, my sister and I went to the Pistons v. Wizards game. If I were a Wizards fan, it was a great game, however, since my hometown boyz were visiting, it was a bad game. Pistons got spanked by about 17 points. I guess the highlight of the game was witnessing a fight breaking out in section 118, and seeing former Wizard Gheorghe Muresan at halftime. If you've never seen anyone 7'7", let me just say.. it's freakin tall. I knew who he was, and even though his career was short, was amazed to see him. Freakin' tall.. that's all I have to say. So after the game I passed out on the sofa.

Sunday.. my phone, on vibrate and across the room, woke me up at 5:14am. I packed for the day and my sister and I headed to the Eastern Shore to do a long ride. The longest ride I've done this year has been.. dunno.. 45 miles or so? We did over 80 today and it felt like it. The terrain was flat, but this area is known for its wind. It was a great day to be out, too.. 55 deg at 7am and 75 by 12:30pm. Gotta love it.

With so much going on this weekend, I have to say, I'm exhausted. I'm thinking of what I have going on this week and it's a lot. I like being busy, but it's exhausting. I'm still fighting the 'rundown' feeling I had mid Feb, but it looks like I have some upper respiratory thing going on. I'm all stuffy and talk like I have a cold, but when I train, my nose gets all runny. It does, however, make for some wicked-ass snot rockets. Clears things up nicely!

I'm actually on Spring Break this week of school, but my "optional" class attendance for Tuesday is somewhat mandatory since I have a midterm on the 21st and we're reviewing CH 1-6, but my class on Thursday is cancelled in observance of said "break". Hard to enjoy it when I still have to work 40+ hours a week. So much for that trip to Cancun I had planned.. oh well. Besides, I've added a new race to my schedule that I should focus on.

More on that later. I have to eat and do some yoga.. I'm sore as hell.


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