Friday, March 17, 2006

What I like about my company

I can't say it's the greatest place to work, but they know how to keep us happy.. how?


We tapped a keg of Killian's Irish Red at 2:30pm today. There were also some bottles of Guinness. Our coffee bar was decorated in festive green attire with boxes of Lucky Charms as center pieces on each table. I strategically plunked myself between the flat screen TV and the keg.

Georgetown squeeked by Northern Iowa.

Lord knows how many cups of Killian's I had.

They were small cups.

I know the CEO/President was eyeing me.

I hit on him at our department's "Ethnic Dinner" back in Oct 2002 when I first started here.

It's 5:45 and I quick drinking 15 minutes ago when a coworker came into the coffee bar and said, "I'm not surprised" at the usual stragglers left behind.


At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Brent said...

Are you guys hiring? I don't need a big cube, or any of those other trappings. I just wanna be able to drink beer at work and get paid for it....

Love the smile Jen. You can eat a bowl of Cheerio's out of those dimples.


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