Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Resolution Update #4

'bout that time, I guess, as I missed an update the start of this month. I have my reasons, though, as February was pretty short and I spent most of the time sleeping. Lord knows what bug is working its way through my system, but I'm still trying to fight something.

So here it is..

After not doing much, I've been getting to the gym only 1x a week. My Thursday class has been going over the allotted time or I've had to meet with my group afterwards, so by the time I leave class at 9:15pm, they gym is closed when I get to it. So yesterday was my first time in about a week that I'd been in the gym. I did a good lower body workout, since I plan on blasting the upper bod Thursday (I'm on spring break, no class, and I'm going to the gym instead of happy hour.. where are my priorities you ask?? They might change after I type this..), and want to give the legs a little breather after hittin' the trails.

Focused on lower body last night with some upper stuff and core work between sets. Finished with my usual workout for the pull-ups. Since the last update, I'm now able to hang easily for 7 seconds. I take a minute break and can do it again for 5 seconds, 1 minute break, and 5 more seconds. I then start from the hanging position to see how far I can pull myself up. Not a lot of improvement there. I think I need to start doing this more often as I'm starting to feel a little behind in my goal even though I have 6 months to go.

Weight wise.. I'm not sure if I'm dropping weight since I don't weigh myself, but I know I'm eating a TON better. I gave up eating chocolate and peanut butter, specifically, for Lent. I'm one that can finish a jar of natural PB in 3 days. It's good fat, but it's still fat and fattening. I also include peanuts and other 'crap'. Remember my dream about the cake and cupcakes? Yep. That's included as crap. I'm trying to cut back on chips, which I don't eat much of anyways, and pizza.. again, something I don't eat much of. The thing with pizza is that it's too easy to fall back on and it's readily available at work. Here's an example.. the other week, there was a meeting and the group ordered in pizza and leftovers were available in the kitchen. One of my fellow worker bees, FA, came over to my cube with 2 big slices on a plate, one slice in her hand, and a mouthful, to say, "There's some pizza in the kitchen if you want it." That sight was enough to convince me I made the right decision. The 'drastic', I guess you could call that, change in my eating comes at a good time as I have a few 'A' races coming up March 25th and April 8th. It should help me get down to a good race weight.

I hope it's something I can continue most of the season, but I know I can't cut out peanut butter entirely. That shit is too good!

I know the Lenten season lasts 40 days, and that excludes Sunday's, but I'm a good Catholic girl (stoplaughing) and hold true until Easter Sunday, even though it ends Thursday night.

There better be some Reese's PB eggs waiting for me..


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