Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cutting the Cord

It's been three years and you'd think I could move on. I just can't. Too many memories.. too many good times.. and even the bad. We've been through a lot together and there comes a time when you just need to let go. But like I said, I just can't.

So how exactly do you move on to a new cell phone.. and possibly a new service plan? (cutting the cord.. get it?? haha.. ahh ya humorless!)

I'm at a breaking point with this thing. I'm lucky if I can get a tower while in my house, I miss calls because my phone won't ring, and sometimes I don't get notice of new messages until a few hours (or days!) after they've been received. And just to get the thing to charge, I have to adjust the 'male part' into the 'female part' worse than a wire hanger doubling as an antennae on an old TV set.

You get the picture here?

The downside, and maybe upside, is that I have to get a new plan, a new phone, and sign a new 2 yr contract. Every provider has it pluses and minuses as do all the phones out there. Am I the last person on the planet with a cell phone that doesn't have 1) text messaging, 2) speakerphone, 3) or 2-way paging? Talk about being in the dark ages.

I tell ya.. the man part just doesn't want to go into the female part! Is it possible my cell phone is gay, too??


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