Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How Could They!?!

Okay, I'm only a few days behind, but that's what happens when I tape everything. So I finally saw the most recent episode of "The L Word", which originally aired 3/10. I'm just starting to get into the show, after finally getting cable in October and renting season 1 thru Netflix, and I can't believe they killed off Dana. They could've done more with her character development, her relationship with Alice, and breast cancer, and they failed.

Granted the show is pretty unbelievable at times with the whole vampire thing and Jenny's fucked up life, but Dana was probably the most "real" character. Her pro tennis career would've been a lot better if she quit hanging around The Planet so much, went on tour, hired a coach and worked on her serve more.. really, her serve sucked.. she would've won more than the Mercedes Benz Classic when she planted a kiss on Lara on 'live TV'. Honestly, if it were true, only lesbians would've been watching it anyway.

So I went to and cheated and saw a few scenes from this Sunday's episode. It's not like I won't see the whole show until next Tuesday or anything. No matter.. death sucks whoever it happens to.


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