Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coming out of my funk

Not sure what it was that 'flipped the switch' on things, but I'm slowly crawling out of a funk that I thought would last much longer. I'm still not in the clear, though.

I've immersed myself in what I like to call 'thinking music'. It's like when you break-up with someone and EVERY song you listen to reminds you of that person. You delve into the lyrics and find meaning in everything to everything.

Here's the latest CD I burned. Some good stuff.

1. My Old Friend - Tim McGraw
2. Devils and Dust - Bruce Springstein
3. Jackson - Lucinda Williams
4. Good Things - Kathleen Edwards
5. Long Ride Home - Patty Griffin
6. One Big Love - Emmylou Harris w/ Jill Cunniff and Julie Miller
7. Amazing Grace - Ani DiFranco
8. All I Want - Joni Mitchell
9. Do You Sleep - Lisa Loeb
10. Away - Kathleen Edwards
11. Get Right with God - Lucinda Williams
12. Passionate Kisses - Mary Chapin Carpenter
13. Wishing Heart - Lisa Loeb
14. Down in the River to Pray - Allison Krauss
15. Until We Die - Chantal Kreviazuk
16. Dreaming - Blondie
17. Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards
18. Breath Me - Sia
19. Truth - Lark Watts

An interesting mix.. but aside from it being thinking music, it's good studying music and sleeping music.

I think getting back into a routine has helped, too. I have to work, I have to go to class, and I have to train for the 24-Hour trail run next weekend. I've mentally switched gears. Sure, I had a good cry.. good enough to call it 'eye puking' as one gal put it. I have the pictures of my nephew and I have an idea of when I might see a few people again.. before October when I know I'll be home for sure. That'll have to be good enough for now.

Until then.


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