Monday, April 17, 2006

There's no way to sum up the weekend.

I was so excited about coming home on Friday that I couldn't sleep. Yep. Pulled an all-nighter. It was great, though.. I picked up, did dishes, took care of laundry, packed.. and I STILL barely caught my flight! A friggin 6am flight and I'm standing in line waiting to get through security at 5:35, having just gotten my ticket 5 minutes prior. I made up for my missed sleep on that flight and did some homework on my connecting flight. Keeping with tradition, the 'rents and I stopped at IHOP before heading back to town and right to church for Good Friday mass.

The rest was a drunken blur. Well, not really.. but close.

Went to watch a couple softball games then out drinking afterwards. Instead of the usual case of Killian's, I stuck with just a 6-pack, but finished it in no time and moved on to the mixed drinks.

I gotta give props to the Magic Bullet as it is a drink mixing monster! The website has recipes you can make with The Bullet, but would you really use it to make bean dip or scrambled eggs? Seriously. After a conconction with the name of a "Bloody Tampon", would you consider eating anything else out of it? Okay, drinking something with the name "Bloody Tampon" doesn't sound pleasant, but after a few of them, and as the recipe changes each time to add more shots of alcohol, you don't seem to mind.

And if anyone is interested in the recipe, I'm sure its originator would let me publish it. I don't know what goes in the mixed drinks as I always say "surprise me". And THAT is how drinks like this get created. I don't know if she knows what goes into each drink, either. The drink could also be called the "Dirty Tampon". Variations of the drink include adding a jelly bean, also known as the "egg that did not attach", or adding a lolly pop, which would make it a "Bloody tampon with a cyst".

I did manage to get a good 10-mile run in Saturday morning before catching a few more games that afternoon. My nephew made an appearance and was dressed to impress in his Ferris attire. A few more former Bulldawgs made an appearance as well. It's always good to get a few of the girls back together. I know I'll be back at homecoming, but not sure if I'll see them again between now and then. It's great, though, that on a holiday weekend they were able to make it to Big Rapids for a bit. I hope they realize how much it means to me.

Then the drunken blur starts. Around 6pm. And ends around 2:30am.

Yours truly was up at 8:10am, showered, and ready at 8:35 for 9:00am mass. I think my eyelids were at half-mast the whole time, too. But I was there. And even though the official end to Lent was Thursday at sundown, I like to go until Sunday morning. So I could now eat peanut butter again. And the sad thing is I wasn't hungry for it. I think the 3 or 4 shots and the Dos Equis and the Miller Lite and Pete's Wicked strawberry blonde golden lager.. in no particular order.. might've had something to do with it. I won't look into it too much, though. It's just speculation.

So I'm to be up and ready to leave by 6:30am at the latest. Think I'm packed and ready?

I'm never ready to leave home.


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