Friday, January 19, 2007


To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I have made many a trips home to Michigan since moving to Baltimore in 2001 and then to DC in 2003. I make it a point to see a few of the softball gals when I'm there. Most of the time it's a chance to get a chunk of the team together when I do visit since I'm not there for long or that often. We always seem to pick up where we left off last, and most of the time it's back to 1998-1999.

This weekend is no different in the reminiscing department, however, it will be done in DC rather than in Michigan.

A few of the gals are making the trip east to help me 'ring in a new age group/decade'. It will be the first time they've been to DC to see me. Like I said, I'm beyond excited.

However, with being a host comes responsibility. I've moved the start time because I will be "out of pocket" most of the day. Why would I do such a thing; plan to be away the morning of my own party when I have guests in town? My prior commitment? I'm going for a run. It's not just any run, though, as it's a training run on a 50k (31 mile) section of the 100 mile trail run I'm going to be doing in May. Sure, my birthday was planned.. oh, 30 years ago, and should take precedent. I mentioned this dilemma to my boss, who won't be able to make the trip down from Philly. She disagreed and said it was a very grown up, mature decision. She knows the race and the training are both important to me, and if those invited knew me at all they would agree.

For those that don't agree with that.. fuck 'em.

How grown up is that? ;)

Like I said.. giddy. I can't wait to show them my adopted town.


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