Monday, January 08, 2007

I have my clearance, Clarence

It was somewhat exciting to be cc:ed on an email from the Program Coordinator of my course alerting other 'higher ups' involved with GWU and my program that I have completed the requirements needed to graduate.

The key word is "somewhat". . somewhat because it's "just a certificate" and not something like.. oh, a Master's degree. Is it more than just a pat on the back? Does it really mean anything?

I'll be able to answer that myself if I'm able to use it as a springboard to a new job, which is my intention. I have been checking online and newspapers to see what jobs are out there, what I'm qualified for, and the pay. I've also been working on updating my resume to include the latest academic addition as well as any relevant work experience since the last update a year ago.

I'll admit that it is nice to be graduating from something with some form of degree. I still feel like I haven't lived up to my former professor's expectations and that will hang over me until I get a Master's or some other advanced degree.


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