Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Open Letter to Swimmers

To: Swimmers
From: Me
Re: Sharing a lane with me, specifically, circle swimming

Here's the deal.. when I swim, I'm in a zone. I wear earplugs since the chlorine f's up my throat and sinuses, but they also work to block out noise and distraction. I'm not a chatty swimmer. I'm actually a sucky swimmer, and since I'm a sucky swimmer, it takes me awhile to do a workout. I don't want to be at the pool longer than I need to be. So even though I'm wearing the earplugs, my other senses work, including my sense of vision.

I understand pool etiquette and if it's busy, you have to share a lane. And if it's really busy, you have to circle swim with two other people and sometimes up to four more.

That's cool. I get it. I'm fully aware and don't mind sharing a lane or circle swimming.

Here's what I do mind. Being touched.. more specifically - being grabbed.

There are multiple ways to get my attention when I'm swimming.. say, a 1000 or 2500 TT, like I was was night. The two that should not be used are grabbing my wrist as I touch the wall, or grabbing my ankle when pushing off the wall after completing a flip turn.

Here's what you should do. Just get in the water, or sit on the edge with your legs dangling in. I will see you, and then I will start circle swimming, assuming that the person I'm splitting the lane with, who might be thinking about grabbing me, knows your intentions. I might sight from time to time, but most times, my head is down. I still have my sense of vision even though my hearing is blocked. If we do happen to make eye contact, I will nod so you know I'm aware that we are going to circle swim.

You are doing more harm than good by grabbing my ankle. Don't do it.


Thank you kindly.


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