Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tiresome and worrisome

It's been 24 hours and counting. I'm due for a 90 minute name or so pretty soon.

That's the tiresome part.

I participated in my first ever Chocolate Bunny 50k yesterday/today and am still recovering. Because of the cold temps, I, and many others wisely chose to end at the marathon distance. It started close to 7:45pm, and I arrived at Woodstock Tower a little after 4am. I had predicted close to 8 hours, but I didn't expect such cold temps. This was training run #5 of 5 in prep for MMT next month.

Next month. It seems too soon.

That's that the worrisome part.

This was my 3rd time covering Short Mountain, 2nd time covering Edinburg to Woodstock, and 1st time seeing 211 to Moreland. It was also my first time getting some headlamp time since the 24hr ATR last April.

My expectations for this training run were simple - don't eat the rocks (aka - fall), get in calories, and pace. I did well with the exception of getting calories. Simply put, it was cold out. I'm not talking cold, but 2AM.. butt numbing C.O.L.D. I kept moving to stay warm, and any forward progress was good. I felt good. Feet felt okay, but I have a hard time imagining doing this after having already covered 50 or so miles.

Another worrisome part.

Nutrition sucked because of the cold. Like I said, I moved to stay warm, so eating became secondary priority. Luckily, it didn't come back to haunt me. I do know what I need to do and hope to come closer to perfecting it at BRR 50 next weekend.

I have confidence that MMT will go well, but there are still a few minor things that worry me - nutrition, am I well trained?, taking care of my feet - that I hope will be ironed out this month.

I am tired. I got up around 8:30am on Saturday and my head hasn't touched a pillow yet. It rested slightly on the car head rest, it bobbed back and forth at Easter Sunday mass (yes - after finishing a little after 4am, we drove home and got in at 6:30am, showered, and went to 8AM mass), but it might lean again the wall of a metro train on my way to a Nationals game this afternoon. We'll see.


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