Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This past Sunday, July 22nd, I competed in the 9th running of Ironman Lake Placid up in Lake Placid, NY. As my previous post alluded to, I wasn't as prepared as I have been in the past going into this years race.

I had said "I'd have to say the shape I'm in is either for a casual 15:30 finish, or a 'put it out there' 13:30 finish. No way could I go faster than that. If I do, you're free to call me a sandbagger," which I figured was right. Breaking it down, I figured I'd do the swim in 1.5 hours, the bike in 7 hrs, and the run in 5 hrs. That would put me at 13:30, but I wanted to give myself a 30 minute buffer zone, so I figured a 14 hr finish was truly what I could do.

Swim - 1:24:31
T1 - 6:24
Bike - 6:55:36
T2 - 4:09
Run - 4:59:29

Final - 13:29:09

So I did say that if I finished under 13:30, others were free to call me a bagger, and I did that. Did I bag the race? No. I ran/raced/competed completely within myself and my abilities. I'm very happy with my time and look forward to a little time away from triathlons.

More on the race later.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Caren said...

Holy moly! Nice job.


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