Friday, July 13, 2007

Born on/use by dates

I tend to ignore these.

I've mentioned that I have a heightened sense of hearing, and I think what I gained in hearing, I lost in my sense of smell and taste... in that order. Both are selective, but there's nothing amazing about either. *sigh*

So I was surprised to see a 'use by or before 8/05' date stamped on my large eggs from Trader Joe's. It's been awhile since I bought eggs from there, but it was a nice little reminder.

See, homey here has a tendency to.. well, to forget about what goods are stored away in the fridge. I'll buy eggs with good intentions on making an omelet every day; I'll buy tofu with the idea of making my skillet tofu for dinner with leftovers for 3-4 days worth of lunches; and I'll buy cottage cheese with good intentions of.. well, of eating it.

I'll admit to eating cottage cheese and yogurt up to 10 days past the 'use by' date. I did just throw away some cottage cheese dated 'May 24th'. Wasn't going to see how 'iron' my stomach is. However, I did recently eat eggs with a 'sell by' date of May. Not bad. I couldn't tell the difference, and they tasted fine with my veggie sausage patty, (genetically modified?) tomato, and 'real cheese'

No harm, no foul.. or is it 'fowl'?? (that was bad)

Thanks for the 'heads up!', Trader Joe's, but I like to live on the edge.


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