Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And so it begins..

Yesterday I signed up for The Ring, a 71-mile circuit run of the Massanutten trail. I completed this run last September in a time of 28:17 and limped in with considerably sore feet. I hope to improve on my time as well as the state of my feet. This is a fat ass style run, not so much a race, so there is no entry fee, limited aid, and no cut off times. If you finish, you're lucky if one of the two RD's is there (or awake) to shake your hand when you walk up to the start/finish area in the parking lot. Your prize? The chance to run it again in the clockwise direction in February.

Training will be different this year as I'll be following CF and CFE exclusively. I might get out to the mountains for longer tempo or interval runs, but nothing over 15 miles long. This year will be a bit of a challenge since I've taken some time.. okay, a lot of time.. off after MMT with my longest run being a 10k. Runs have been programmed into the CF workouts more recently, so I've been getting in some running. Total current weekly mileage might be around 2 miles.. or less.

Is it enough to carry me 71 miles?

I have two months to train and find out.


At 4:55 AM, Blogger zhurnaly said...

Congrats, Jen, re Ring plan --- do you mind if I ask a bunch of questions about your experience there? My comrades Kate Abbott & Caroline Williams & Caroline Gernand and I are hoping to do The Ring this year, and I would like to learn from your experience ...


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