Sunday, March 19, 2006

How Cold is Cold?

I checked the temp this morning at 7:30am.. 25 degrees (plus a breeze). So that meant borrowing my sisters balaclava (I still like to call it a baclava) instead of my scull cap, and full booties instead of just the toe covers. There was also the Under Armour top, Craft top, and bike jersey (need the pockets), and wind proof jacket. Lower half just covered with tri shorts (I need SOME padding for the parts) and tights. Black, of course, because of its slimming effect.

I looked a little like this...

..even if this pic is from Saturday. I had a 3 hr trail run to do and biked out to my usual starting point. Temps then hovered in the mid 30s with really nasty winds.

Back to today, after 50 miles/3 hrs of riding and four hours later (I've been back for a bit), the temp has sky rocketed to 42 degrees. I'm chillin' with some recovery drink (a liiiitttle too early for a beer) and warming up my ice block feet with the slippers from my manager.


I guess they do come in handy.

Let's just hope the water at the pool is warmer. Off I go!

**And I know I need to clean my bedroom floor..


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