Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March Madness.. and Other Random Thoughts

March Madness

1. The area is abuzz since George Mason is in the Final Four.
2. I didn't participate in any office pools, but had said outloud that I thought Villanova might win it all. At least it didn't cost me anything.
3. Maryland women's team is in the Final Four. Not as much buzz.
4. I swear I'm gonna get an ulcer watching the women's games. The UConn v. Georgia game was nerve wracking (Husky 3 pointer while covered by 2 people to win it) and the game vs. Duke went into OT. I couldn't watch it.
5. I hate UConn.
6. I was disappointed when Temple lost to Harford in the first round.
7. Former Virginia player Dawn Staley coaches Temple and former UConn Jennifer Rizzotti coaches Hartford.
8. I hate UConn.
9. I grew up rooting for Virginia... Wendy Palmer, Dawn Staley, the Burge twins, Tammi Reiss.. those were my girls. I remember when they lost to Dena Head and the Lady Vols of Tennessee in 1991.
10. I met Dena Head in 1993 when she helped out at a basketball camp at Northwood University.
11. We were doing 3-on-3 drills and no one from my group hustled onto the court, so she made me do push-ups. I hated her for that.
12. I've been a Vols fan since.
13. I saw former Vol Chamique Holdsclaw at a restaurant in Georgetown in 2003.
14. Annnnd I was drunk at 4:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday.

Other Thoughts

1. I covered 31 miles in over six hours Saturday.. so why aren't I sore?
2. I 'bout took off the tip of my left index finger chopping onions Monday night. I had sharpened the dull chef's knife the week before using the sharpening steel I "acquired" from ex-K.. so do I thank her or curse her?
3. You wouldn't think to guess it, but I'm a Mary Kay gal.. and I need to do one of her Satin Hands treatment.
4. My hands are a mess from knife cuts (thanks.. i guess), paper cuts, scars from getting too close to the big chainring on my bike.. and now they feel like sandpaper.
5. At least my feet are fine.
6. I hate feet.
7. I did have to paint my toenails to cover up the one blemish.. a black toenail
8. I covered 31 miles in over six hours Saturday.. and no blisters.
9. I've been reading more about foot/blister care in the last few days than I care to admit, and will do so until the end of April.
10. My feet are soaking in rubbing alcohol right now.
11. They'll be coated in Aquaphor and covered in socks when I sleep.
12. That's all I'll wear
13. Don't ask.
14. I hate feet.

And a few more..

1. I ate almost a 25 oz bag of ravioli for dinner tonight in two different trips to the stove to make it.. which consists of dumping it in boiling water.
2. I've almost perfected my marinara sauce recipe that I poured over the ravioli, which doubles as the sauce I use when I make pizza.
3. I've almost perfected my pizza recipe.. but I keep tweeking it.
4. I asked my mom for a rolling pin for Christmas when she found out I used an old peanut butter jar to roll out the dough for my apple pie crust.
5. I don't want a rolling pin anymore.. the jar has character. It fits me. Besides, I only make my famous apple pie for Thanksgiving.
6. I make a kickass peanut butter pie. It's been a few years since I've made it, but will make it after the 24 hour trail run. The filling consists of a little sugar, vanilla, 1c of creamy natural peanut butter, and 1 pound of tofu.
7. I bet you would've tried it if I hadn't mentioned tofu was in it.
8. Don't knock it til you've tried it.
9. I'm over my craving for peanut butter. Now it's that ravioli.
10. I should finish it off tomorrow.. and I might be able to perfect my sauce!
11. I've eaten more pasta since Friday than I have all year. It's not that I'm anti-carbohydrates, I'm just more of a stir-fry kinda gal.
12. With tofu, of course.
13. I've perfected my sweet and sour sauce.. now I just have to work on my peanut sauce so I can make Thai food.
14. Dammit.. back to talking about peanut butter.

Well.. it's about that time anyway.


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