Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Will Power

I can't tell you how badly I'm jonsin' for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now. I don't eat sandwiches that much as is, but I want it on that floppy white bread.. not the kind that tears the second you put a knife to it.. but almost that soft. I'd load it with raspberry jam or strawberry jam because I like the crunchy seeds. If in a pinch, I'd go with the ol' standby favorite of grape. I'm not picky. Heck, I might even use Jif instead of my usual natural peanut butter!

So I'd have to make at least 3 sandwichs. I'm a bit of a freak with how I eat them as I eat the crust off first starting either at the bottom corner, or just under the 'muffin top', where it curls under.

It's not that I don't like the crust, I just eat around everything like that. It's the same with Reese's PB cups.. but I digress..

I went grocery shopping Sunday and one of my usual brands of PB was on sale - 2 jars for $5.

My sister let me buy it, but when we got home and before I could start putting away my groceries, she took the PB out of my bag and hid them. I still have 2 jars of peanuts, which I added to my "list of forbiden Lenten foods", on the top shelf of a cupboard. One of the jars is open.


My sister finished a jar the other night and I saw it in the trash. I pulled it out, because it could be recycled, and noticed a small handful of peanuts in there. I asked why she didn't finish them and she said it was like the last bit of beer.. "It's just not good".


But to steal a line from a episode of Seinfeld, "Was it in the trash? Yes. Then it's trash.".. even if it was above the rim. And it was in a sealed container.

I have over 3 weeks to go.. i can make it. I think I'll grab some celery and hummus.

Not the same, though.. not the same..


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