Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crossing the Line

There's only so much I'll do with my coworkers, and drinking is about it. The company has a happy hour ever other month and my department tries to have one ever month. I'd say they're low key gatherings, but the people here like their booze and in large quantities. I've heard stories of the top exes at the house party hosted by one of our clients and how they jumped from the roof of the garage into the hosts pool. This was because of a dare from the host. The worst part is it was reveiled to most of the company what type of underwear they wear - black boxer briefs and tighty whities - or don't wear.


My department likes to do fun events every quarter, such as laser tag and a Nationals baseball game last year and dodgeball earlier this year. It's somewhat athletic and drinking was afterwards, which was paid for by the company, so I couldn't turn it down. Some coworkers like to do things outside the office, such as going to sporting events, concerts, and movies. For the past few years I played on the same slowpitch softball team as a coworker, but she has left the company and the team has disbanded.

Recently, I have been asked to join a group going to see "RENT" and was asked if I'll be joining the company team to do the Race for the Cure 5K June 3th.

I've seen "RENT" before.

I'll run at work in shorts. I also wore shorts at dodgball. As did other coworkers.

THAT was close to crossing the line.

It was also close to crossing the line a few times after numerous happy hours when they try to get me dancing. Or talking about my personal life. They know enough as is and don't need to know more.

I like doing endurance events. A 5K? eh.. a 5K with 50,000 of my closest friends? eh.. a 5K with coworkers that the company might cover the cost for? eh.. okaymaybe. Even then, it's not really something I'm all that too thrilled about doing. We started a running/walking club the other week and I'm a leader by default because of my experience.

Besides, it's the week before a half-Ironman.

Didn't I post recently about priorities? Hmm..


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