Monday, May 22, 2006

A day at the races

I performed about as well as Barbaro over the weekend.

"ready or not".. I was closer to 'not'.

I went in to yesterdays race with a few minor goals - get out of the water, get off the bike, finish the run; have fun. Simple. The only numbers I cared about were what time the transition area opened, and what time my swim wave went off. Simple. I've done this race since 2002 and have had mixed results over the years. This was the most ill-prepared I've been for just about any race. I tend to get a bit complacent when I've done a race a number of times, so I slack on the training. I was pretty busy throughout the year will classes and work, so training took a far, backseat. I knew before January that this would be a busy year and even over the summer contemplated not signing up. I did anyway as a bit of peer pressure and 'the streak' of doing the race since 2002 set in. I knew then it wouldn't be my best race and it wasn't.

I've had some time to sit and sleep and reflect on the weekend and the past few weeks and what it all means.

I wonder how much I really enjoy triathlons. I enjoy being by myself pre-race, but enjoy pre-race banter with others. I was bored during the swim and was thinking 'what is this in the water that I'm tasting?', and then dry heaving, and I even started to think about work during the run. If the idea of training and doing tris is a means of escape from work, then there's something wrong.

My training for that race was pretty non-existent. I did more the week of the race, when I should've been tapering, than I did in all of May and April combined. I don't want to 'blame' anything on the 24-hour run, but it might be far to say that, even 3 weeks post run, I'm still recovering from it. I can tell the difference from running trails vs. roads as my feet are still very sensitive. It could also be the shoes.. too old? Dunno..

So I have a lot more thinking, and training, to do before my half-Ironman now less than 3 weeks away. Like Columbia, I've done this race every year since 2002, and do it more because it's local and it's a good race. I'm not sure how much I can do to prep for the half, but I doubt I can have a worse day than I did yesterday.

I know I shouldn't be too down on myself about my performance. I did well considering, but nowhere near my potential. That's fine. Live and learn. It was my first race of the year and I know what I need to do for next year.

However, I know 100% that I won't be doing this race next year. The enormous amounts of peer pressure won't convince me to sign up for it. How do I know this? I've mentally committed myself to doing the MMT 100 next year. Columbia would be 2 weeks later and I know there's no way I could be ready for a 'speed' race like an Olympic distance tri.

So I guess I should spend more than 4 days for my next race..

.. better get to it.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger The Mule said...

Call me when you are ready to start disecting the MMT course and want to run all the sections.

At 12:57 AM, Blogger Jen said...


'Ending' the season with MCM and then probably PHT 50k. Should have a great base by then and I hope to carry that into total focus toward MMT.. with Uwharrie, HAT, and BRR leading up to it. Will work MMT sections little by little along the way.


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