Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Officially Official

I'm done with my classes this semester.. finally. Emailed my final paper/project today for my Tuesday class. My Thursday class finished up last week with a 15 minute presentation and a paper as well. I must say, that presentation was 10x better than the first time I had to present in that class. "Nervous" doesn't come close to describing how fearful I was of presenting back in early February. However, "looks like she's going to piss herself she's so nervous" is a little more accurate statement.

This time around, I was more comfortable with the subject matter, could better describe it, and had a couple beers in me, so I was pretty loose. Kidding about the last one, but there was cake there so I was a big jacked up on sugar. All in all, I think it went well. I still never looked at the PDF doc the prof emailed me in Feb after that preso 'scoring' how I did. I at least worked up the balls to download it to my computer. I opened the document and looked at it, but that's as far as I've gotten. I did well with the group projects and the final project, I hope, so I'm guessing I got a B in that class.

My Tuesday class.. that's another story for another time. For now, I'm going to enjoy the fact that it's over, go to a bookstore, work out, cook, watch hockey, and have a beer.

I'm also going to get back on track with my training as I'm a bit blubbery. Don't let the 80 mile thing fool you. Remember what I said.. "built for comfort, not for speed".

EDIT: 9:30pm

I got an email from my Thursday night professor explaining my grades and why he graded me as he did. I guessed a B, and in actuality I got a B+. I was surprised to see I got 14/15 on my "pee worthy" student led discussion. I was docked the most points on the last 2 Exercises. I'll admit I did them half-assed and would've had an A- had I not been a schmuck, but I passed.. and I get reimbursed by work on the money I paid for tuition. It's like Christmas all over again.


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