Friday, May 12, 2006

Coming to a Wheaties box near you!

Who knows.. it might be me! The cover is usually reserved for 'real' Olympians and no way could I make it to the 'real' Olympics, but I have signed up to participate in the Outgames in Montreal this summer. It's basically a gayer version of the regular Olympics in which the participants don't have to hide their sexuality..

*cough* Johnny Weir *cough*

Okay, so maybe he wasn't hiding it in Italy.. whatever.

Nonetheless.. I really don't know what to expect except of a lot of flaming queers and 99% of them dressed better than me. I plan to participate in 3 events - 40 mile road race (bike), Olympic distance triathlon, and the half-marathon. I'm sure I'll be wiped out from the first two events, so the half-marathon is more of a 'fun run' that I'll do with a guy friend of mine. We're planning on doing it in drag and are trying to think of what to dress as. A few ideas that have come up are Jessica Rabbit and Bob Haskins from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", Sonny and Cher, Elvis and Priscilla, and Fred and Wilma. So far, Fred and Wilma is in the lead since the outfit we'd have to wear would be somewhat easy to run in.

Suggestions are welcome.

Anyway.. so it will be my first big trip for any type of race. I've flown to Wisconsin three times for the Ironman.. no biggie.. but this is a little different. I'll be going to a city I've never been to before and will be renting a car to drive there by myself. I'm already getting an ulcer thinking about how much I'll have to pay for gas.. ugh. Hoping to get some friends there as well, but that stuff is up in the air, so who knows what's going on.

But before this, I have 2 other events to participate in - Columbia Triathlon and the Eagleman 1/2 Ironman. Columbia is next weekend, and I'm not ready. Not at all. My streak of swimming at least once a month ended with April. I have, however, managed to swim twice this month. I hope to get in the water at least 3 more times before next Sunday. Please note that this is, in no way, the correct way to train. I'm a pretty unconventional person with how I train. I get that. I do what works for me. And in this case, considering how my year has been thus far, I've done what time has allowed. I'm sure I'll do fine even though I'm not ready, but I won't do as well as I'd like to.

So I'm not really focused on these two events.. seriously, who is going to be there for me to impress??


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