Monday, June 05, 2006

Just My Luck

I'm not a big gambler. I don't play cards and I guess I like to play some video poker, but I prefer to watch other people lose their money. That was the case this weekend in Atlantic City. I played $20-40 here and there and I think I was close to breaking even for the weekend.

My shining moment was when the 4 of us took over a Wheel of Fortune slot machine..

Basically, you get credit if you match up the bars or 7's or whatever. In the last column is a 'spin', and if you land on that, you get to spin the wheel. I think we put in $60 and were getting pretty bummed. We had our routine going of who got to push the button when.. and if you won something, you got another turn. Corny, but fitting. So we see everyone else getting to spin and finally we get a shot. It stops on 'spin' during my spin, so I had the honors. Not like I have any control over it, but the mofo lands on 1,000 - highest possible number. Bells and whistles.. high fives around. We get to spin again a few more times, but it wasn't no thousand!

So that was the highlight of the weekend.. at least one of them..

The next was finding $1.50 in quarters in a newspaper box. Always learned from my dad to check newspaper boxes as well as pay phones. Paid off! I think that was the only machine from this weekend where I didn't lose.

So with the casino comes the free beer. And there was a lot of it. Small Dixie cups of Coors Light, but it goes down smooth and adds up fast. I must be immune to it since it took awhile to hit me and we weren't eating much. It hit me when we got to the bar, had 3 more beers, and then a shot of apple pucker and Crown Royal. Oh my. And that's when it went downhill..

I did my best to not look like a fool while out on the dance floor. I can't friggin dance. I'll admit that. And even drinking doesn't make me a good dance. It does, however, make me look good to others.. and usually the desperate. If you've ever had beer glasses on, I'm usually the type that's see on the other side. I know that's harsh, but true, and I'm fine with it. But it's worse when it's a friggin guy eyeing me. I figure 'what the hell' at least it's someone to talk to.. and yes, dance with. *sigh*

Back to the room at 3:45am.. started up again at 3pm. It was a long day and a long drive home, but a lot of fun. That's all I'm saying, though, cuz whatever happens in AC, stays in AC. Eh.. not as cool to say since it wasn't Vegas.

It was my first time to AC and hopefully not my last. Would like to get up there a little more often. We'll see how it works with my training schedule..

.. now about that training.. hmm..


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