Monday, June 12, 2006

Musings from this weekend

Well, it was pretty obvious that I've had an interesting last couple of weeks and was able to answer a few questions that I proposed in my last post.

I ended up going to the Pride parade and to a few clubs afterwards and I still did the triathlon.

"how much do I drink and how late do I stay out?"

I drank a lot. And I did most of it on an empty stomach. Here's how my Saturday went. I left round 12:30pm for the race site. I had to get registered and check in my bike. About 45 minutes into the drive, I realize I left my front wheel at home. Not only was it at home, it was in the road (near the curb), and luckily it was still there and unharmed. I was able to get registered, rack my bike, have dinner with a friend, and get back to DC by 6pm. I figure if things were going to be out of whack, I might as well stick with the tradion of eating at the same place since 2002. It's bland food, but it's cheap and decent and doesn't upset my stomach.

Got up to the parade around 7pm and it was a fun time. They were throwing out candy and beads and other crap, and I was stuck behind some amazon woman that was grabbing everything within 6 feet of her. Her wing span was ridiculous and she grabbed everything out of the air above all our heads. My friend met up w/ someone else and we ended up talking for awhile. A few people she knew came up to say 'hi', which played in our favor later in the night.

So we got in line for the first bar around 8:30pm and stayed there about 45 minutes. A creepy guy walking around in REALLY short shorts and a T started chatting with a few of the girls in line behind us. One of them notices how short his shorts were and says something to the effect of, "I bet my package is bigger than his," so she proceeded to drop her drawers so they could stand side-by-side for pictures to compare. It was quite the sight.

We finally got in the bar around 9:15pm and stayed until about 11pm. I found a few people to chat with and there were a few creepy people as well. I also ran into my ex-K. I had warned her via email that I'd be out and about and I wasn't sure if she'd see it, but I was still surprised. I had at least 5 beers in me by now, so I went over to see her. Turns out she was with her ex from before me. Yknow, the one she had bad-mouthed to me over the years. Yeah, that ex. So it looks like now I'm "that ex".. the one that's bad-mouthed. Whatever. I saw her again before we left for another bar and gave her a hug. I know she didn't want to, but I said, "It's pride.. live a little."

It was a short walk to the next bar, but the line was ridiculous. While looking down the street to see how long the wait actually was, we ran into the two chicks we met after the parade when my friend was talking to a friend of hers. They were about 1/3 of the way from the door. Talk about luck! So we jumped in with them. They ended up leaving and we were getting impatient, so my friend started walking up the line. Next thing I know, she's calling me to come up front.. "just pretend you're looking for someone." So I do, slip under the rope, and we're in withing 5 minutes.

The place was friggin packed! I found a bar and a new friend and we chatted and drank. I tried to convince her to dance, but she kept saying she wasn't a good dancer and needed to drink more. I wasn't going to argue, since I'm not a good dancer either, so we drank more. Before you know it, it's 2:45am, the lights go on, and everyone scatters like roaches. I lose the friend I was chatting with, find the one I came with, and we get a cab ride home. I don't remember much around that ride except asking how much the ride was and and him saying, "one hundred". I replied, "Bull shit," and he dropped it down to.. to.. aw hell, I have no clue. We get inside and my phone is ringing.

It was my wake up call. It was 3:15am and I was supposed to be getting up now so I could leave at 4am.

More later..


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