Monday, November 27, 2006

A shiver through hell

It was one of "those weekends". There are some chores or tasks I just have to be "in the mood" for, or just getting me to do them is like pulling teeth - a struggle. So it was nice to have a few days this week to finally do stuff. I did a lot of purging of papers as I'm quite the pack rat. I figured it was time to get rid of electricity bill statements from my apartment in Ann Arbor Michigan from 2000-2001.

I also went through my drawers and the closet and washed a lot of clothes I intended to donate. I also got rid of a bunch of shirts I know I won't wear. How many softball shirts from college does a girl really need? ;) I also had to get rid of a few race shirts. I'm hanging onto more than I should and I know it's because of their nostalgic 'value'. One day I would like to have a quilt made out of the shirts. I doubt I'll wear them more than as a nightshirt, so it would be worth the sacrifice. I'm just not willing to make it right now.

The room doesn't look all that cleaner or roomer, but it's a start. And now I moved one of my bikes into my room to use on the trainer, but that's another story for another day.

And as many times as I bitched and moaned about how much I hate shopping, I went shopping. I told the gal pal Friday, when she was in Connecticut, that I was hoping to go shopping this weekend. She hoped the mood would last until Sunday, when she would be back, and offered to take me shopping. Not just any kind of shopping, but shopping for jeans.

I'll admit that it wasn't that painful, but as I prefaced to at the beginning, I was in the mood. And the gal pal was a doll even if she did make fun of my lack of knowledge on how jeans are to be worn. Jeans from 1995 are vintage, right? And it should be cool that I can still wear jeans from when I was a senior in high school, right? And how long are they supposed to be again? Right... and that's why she did so much playful ribbing. I was a good sport and took it in stride.

And I left the outlet mall with 2 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of socks. Not a bad haul. And one of the jeans the gal pal purchased as an early Xmas present.

However, apparently it's not fashionable for your underwear to be sticking out the top of your jeans, so it might be some time before I wear them out in public.

Welcome to the 21st century, me.


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