Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween in DC

The thing about Halloween in this area is that I can't tell who is dressed up for a party vs. who is dressed "normally".

I was waiting for my train last night and I spotted at least 5 people that I thought could've been going to a Halloween party, or just heading home from work.. I couldn't tell.

Those of us waiting for the train were entertained by a woman who I first thought was singing along to her cd player or ipod or whatever. Then I thought she was having a conversation with a few people that were leaning against the wall. Next, I thought she was having a loud conversation with someone on the phone and that the wires I saw were from her hands free earpiece. I know I wasn't the only one on the platform that thought this as they kept looking around to see wtf was up. Then we realized she was ranting/raving about the Government as the train pulled up. Most of us boarded, as did she, and she continued her speech to no one inparticular.

Just another day.


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