Friday, April 13, 2007

Wasting Away

In more ways than one..

A coworker commented on my appearance the other day. I tend to dress.. well, a little on the 'frumpy' side. I'm not up on the latest fashion trends, nor do I care to be. As long as the erogenous zones are covered, I'm in the clear. So laundry is piling up and I reached for something clean and on top of the clean pile. It happened to be a maroon, Columbia, long sleeve top from REI (yes!) that's a little on the tight side. I'm not much for revealing/tight clothing, either, but I figured "what the heck". I was a bit of a hermit in my cube that day until a 'team meeting' pulled me away late afternoon.

"With all that training, you're wasting away!" she said. I pat my little Buddha belly when no one is looking.

The 50k, of which I stopped after 26 miles, last Saturday was rough. Still recovering. I think part of it has to do with me burning the candle at both ends. More than once I've heard someone say "you do too much", and I've heard it more often of late. It hit me yesterday. I was exhausted. I had the "I'm getting sick" feeling, and that usually happens around taper time before a big race. I guess the problem is that I have a lot of big races and I'm not tapering for them or recovering from them properly. I'm wearing down my body and breaking it down before it has a chance to repair itself from the last trail beating.

And that's not a good thing as I have another 'big race' this weekend. I'm wiped out. I'm sure I'll do fine, though, as I usually only get 5 hrs of sleep before a big training day or a race. So why change? The title says it all.. I just can't keep this up..

.. and it doesn't help that hockey playoffs just started, either. GO WINGS!


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