Sunday, May 27, 2007

MMT - Pictures worth 100 miles of words

It has taken me some time, and it continues to take some time, to wrap my mind around the events of last weekend. To grasp what really happened. What I did.

I still stuggle.

I should be proud. I should be euphoric. I should be on Cloud 9.

I am, to a certain extent, but don't outwardly show it.

I show it with a limp; a hitch in my gait as I walk on tender soles with achy knees. I show it with tired eyes as I try to catch up on missing a days worth of sleep. I show it with a recycle bit full of 8oz Coke cans, Ensure (okay, they are in the trash cuz they are a #5), and a 24 serving of CarboPro. I show it with stacks of clean laundry on my bed waiting to be put away. Does anyone really know, by these signs, that I covered 100 miles in 35:45?

-I usually walk with a hitch in my step cuz it's cool.
-Does anyone really get enough sleep?
-Okay, the Coke might be a sign since we very rarely drink pop.
-That half of the bed is reserved for laundry anyway.. god forbid I have a guest over ;)

It took me long enough to put this together and will probably take me more time to write a report. I did write something to send to friends/family, but that was more for the 'wow' factor. I want to go more in depth (for a personal account) and want to break it down from aid station to aid station, which is how I mentally grasped the distance. I've had requests from a number of people already for a detailed report, so it's just a matter of putting fingers to keypads (modern day 'pen to paper'). I could carry around a small tape recorder to recall thoughts on the fly, but I hate hearing my voice and that might take the process longer.

Until then, I have a collection of pictures that can be found in this Flickr photoset



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