Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Running in Circles

Okay.. so it's actually closer to 'running a course shaped similar to a lollipop'.. but you get the idea.

Or maybe not.

This weekend, I'll be participating in the 24-Hour Adventure Trail Run (or ATR) for the 2nd year in a row. I'm looking forward to it, but with mixed feelings. Motivation to train is lacking. I'm not sure if it's over training or what, but I find myself sleeping more.. sleeping on the sofa or on the floor, no less.. and training less. Things at work have been less than stellar, which makes it easy to just come home and flop on the sofa instead of getting on the bike or going for a run. And it's that time of the year for hockey playoffs and.. well, I like hockey.

I have modest goals for this weekend - no injuries, keep working on nutrition, and pace myself. It's a chance to get more time on my feet, continue to work on nutrition, and get some more headlamp time. I've been dealing with a bothersome back since Bull Run Run as well as a bothersome left knee. I've spent more time stretching and icing this week than I have in awhile, and it's probably best to continue doing so even if things feel okay. Why I wanted until know to realize this, I don't know.

It's hard to stay focused on this weekend. My mind often wanders to thoughts of MMT. I'm sure I will finish as my training has been sufficient, and hopefully just enough to get me to the finish line. Doubts creep in especially when I feel these twinges in my knee, groin, and back.

I am 24 days from MMT and should feel more ready than ever, but I don't. I am 3 days from the ATR. How do I feel? Like I'm just running in circles.. going nowhere.

Just in time for this weekend.


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone could use a BSC PT.


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