Monday, June 11, 2007

Resting on my laurels...

.. and doing enough to get by.

I'm in a funk.. or on the path to a funk. I don't like being in funks. This is what I do when I'm in funks:

- watch tv
- eat.. not the greatest, but not too bad. (I go crazy on peanuts; it's not like I binge on McD's)
- sleep on the sofa

I should be putting up big numbers, but I'm not.. Heck, there's a lot I should be doing, but I'm not. I could a lot of finger pointing and blaming, but all the finger pointing and blame should be put on myself.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda..

I'm sure part of it is that I'm still recovering from MMT. Yes, I just passed the 4 week mark post 100-miler and I expect miracles. I expected to bounce right back - physically and emotionally - and I have done neither. I've lost the spark, the drive.. and a little bit of reason to get up in the morning. Even with IM Lake Placid on the horizon, I don't have the same desire to do well.

Burn out? I'm not sure. When I do train, I don't have the same sense of accomplishment post workout; no endophin high. I can't say I ever experienced runners high before, but I do like the feeling of exhaustion after a good workout. Now, it's more of a sense of dread or 'when will this be over?'

The best thing to do is to keep my head up. I can't drag myself down with negative thoughts and ponderings of why I'm in a funk. As amazing of a time and experience MMT was, I have to move forward. I will have more time to sit back and reflect and swap stories, but until then, I have training to do.


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely identify with your issue. When I finished in 03 getting up in the morning to start training for IM Wisc was real hard. IM is a bit of a known entity for you now and it lacks a bit of that surprise that your MMT experience was for you. My recommendation: leave your run alone and simply start riding a bike as often as you can. You have very little time to start riding long if you haven't already and all miles will help. Get some fresh air. Stay off your feet and get the aerobic engine firing again. You will feel better again soon.

-The Mule


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