Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the up and up

My calendar the past few weeks if full of completed workouts, and that's a good thing. One thing I like to see is the addition of a few runs. They might be short, but they are pain free, and that is a great thing. I've added in some running drills while wearing the Vibram Five Finger shoes (VFF's) and noticed a difference immediately. My calves were pretty sore the next day, too but I'm sure 1,500 single under the day before (jumping rope) had something to do with that, too.

I'm still riding and got some upgrades to my road bike, which I'm hoping will solve the jumping/skipping chain issue I've been having. I'd like to get out for some hard interval rides from time to time to help build the leg strength now that the weather is looking awesome outside.

So what's wrong with my hip? No one knows as I mentioned in my previous post. But I'm not hurting. No pain. I've been taking my NSAID's as prescribed, still using 'pain as my guide', foam rolling, and stretching. I'm not squatting or doing deadlifts at full ROM, and I'm fine with that. I'm able to do burpees, lunges, and box jumps at a pretty good clip.

The real test is this weekend. My GF and I will be helping out another training run on the MMT course, and I'll try to run a little bit on the trails. I don't know how many miles I'll get in, but it will probably decide if I do BRR in a few weeks.


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