Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Coworkers Sixth Sense..

..or so I thought!

I've been moody all week.. I was craving peanut butter sandwiches earlier this week, and most recently, ravioli. I finished off the 25oz bag last night and bought another one on my way home.


I think I figured out my sauce recipe, too. It just needed a few more shakes of basil, a little less crushed red pepper, and more garlic powder. Simple. I should've known that..

Busy day again and I was moody again in the morning.. irritable. Obvious symptoms.. yknow. Coworkers getting on me to get some billing done. I get it done, print it off, and go to pick it up. I figure I'll get some "femme tabs" from the first aid kit while I'm there. I'm leaning over the table the printers are on, sorting through the printouts for my documentation.

"I see it's that time of the month," a male coworker says from behind.


"Yeeeeep.. I started," I replied hesitantly.

"There's so much billing to do."

"Billing! Right! Yep.. I'll be pretty busy this next week," I breathe with a sigh of relief..

.. and head to the bathroom.. juuuuust in case.

I had to call my sister and hell her about the exchange..


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