Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back on the wagon wagon, that is.. and it was the Total 200 that helped me jumpstart my training. I haven't done much since Eagleman, but was looking forward to doing this ride as I was a participant in the inaugural event last year. As with last year, it was well organized even with twice as many participants.. and volunteers!! Three early flats and pouring rain didn't stop me from completing the event. Alas, I have to admit that I only covered about 185 miles since I had to be 'sag'ed up a few miles. I lost a lot of time with the flats early on and there were cutoff times for each aid station that I was in danger of missing.. and missed on occasions. However, my ass feels like it was in the saddle for 200 miles.

I could've used one of these afterwards, too, but I'm still going dry until Montreal. Damn, it looks good!!


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