Friday, June 16, 2006

musings.. cont.

"you stink," my sister tells me.. "get in the shower"

I go through the motions of showering, dressing, and packing. Thankfully, most of my stuff it together. My friend crawls in bed and is out in 2 seconds. I try to leave a note for her with my sisters cell # in case she needs anything and slip a spare key in the pocket of her jeans in case she decides to go to the festival 8 hours later. Ride shows up and we're off.

It's 4am. I have been up for 31 hours. I drink a little water, eat a banana, and then nap during the 90 minute ride. Groggy upon arrival, I sleepwalk through the setting up of my transition. I realize I've forgot socks. Oh well. I miggle with some tri buds and score another banana and an apple. These 2 bananas and the apple are the only things I've eaten since 4pm Saturday, and it was all I needed.

I swear it was like a light went on. I get in the water at the start of this race, and I'm on auto pilot. I've done it since 2002, so I know what I'm doing. I "should've" known to put on more sunscreen, though, as I have a nasty (now blistering) burn on my back where the sunscreen didn't reach. I did the run sans socks or any lube or whatever on them, and got a few blisters. It could've been worse, though.

So I finished the race and did okay. "Okay" because of a lot of things, but it was a fun race. And what made it fun was all the people I knew out on the course and there cheering. A group of us went out for pizza and beer afterwards. Yes, more beer. And then having to deal with a looong trip home. I laid it bed at 9:30pm, woke up briefly at 2am when my sister came home, then I was up for good at 7am.

And then a new week started..


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Brent said...

You truly are a stud... and you should be a SEAL...


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