Thursday, July 20, 2006

A day of firsts

Monday was the first time I biked to work this year, and I wish I had started doing it sooner. It was great. I could definitely tell I was out of "biking to work" shape, but it felt good to get back in the saddle again. I took the usual route and was happy to see most of the roads repaved. Now I can see the glass before I roll over it! The weather was muggy as hell that morning, but I'd probably sweat just as much if I were to walk/Metro/walk, which is what I normally do. Normally, I'd wear 'commuter clothes', which is just shorts and a Tshirt and I wipe down with baby wipes before getting dressed in the bathroom.

When people see me on the way to the bathroom as a sweaty mess, they usually ask, "Did you run this morning?"

"Nooope.. just walked from the metro."

So like I said, if I'm going to sweat, I want to make sure it's because of a good workout.. And it is! My trip is a whopping 12.5 miles and takes me about 55 minutes - the same amount of time to walk/Metro/walk. The plus side is that I'm saving over $5/day. Don't think it adds up? Believe me, it does.

Monday was also the first time I forgot my underwear, too. I thought I had and extra pair stashed in one of my drawers, but after a lot of searching, I came up empty. Instead of going commando under my khakis, I found a pair of gray running shorts with a liner I could wear.

I rode the ol' steed in again on Wednesday and was called a 'masochist' by one of my coworkers who was outside for his morning smoke. Another asked me where I ride from, and when I told him he said, "that's why you're in such great shape."

"Well, I'm working on it."

That, I am..


At 11:44 AM, Blogger The Mule said...

Good for you! My fixed gear is done this week and I start riding in next week myself and I am excited to get in some work before the day begins!

Your coworkers are just jealous they don't have the wherewithal.


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