Saturday, July 15, 2006

The heat and humidity

I wouldn't say that it's unbearable, but the heat and humidity is bearable.. if you don't mind sweating your ass off. It doesn't matter what I wear when I go out, I'm going to sweat. I pack accordingly and bring water to stay hydrated, and a small towel to help dry myself off.. but it doesn't help.

Apparantly my body just likes to sweat.. a lot.

The thing is.. today it was 87 deg F, but it felt like 97 deg F with a 67% humidity. I don't even like to wear a bra and underwear when it's this hot.. and that's when I'm just at home. So going out is a bit of a fashion 'challenge' for me as I have to wear those as well as additional outer clothing.

And in this heat.. just the basics - under stuff, shorts, Tshirt - is plenty! I have the back ring of sweat from just a 10 minute walk. And I have no clue how people can wear jeans and/or layered T-shirts in these temps. No idea. And I swear I was the only one out there sweating as much as I was *sigh*

I won't waste too much time thinking about it as I lounge around at home in a pair of boxers and a Tshirt..

.. damn it's hot in here..


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