Monday, July 03, 2006

Better Late Than Never

It has been a long, drawn out process, but after constant batching and hours on the phone, I finally got a new cell phone. Believe it. After bitching about my phone back in December or so.. and dealing with more problems this past month, I finally pulled the trigger.

However, like me, the new phone wouldn't come without any baggage. First off, I order the phone online after speaking with a rep to clarify any questions. I order it on Father's Day as a FD present to myself. I get the automatic email to say "you'll have it in 4 business days". So I figure Friday. Nothing.

So on Friday I call the 8800# that was included in that automatic email. Apparently my order wasn't received. Well, it was received, but it was sitting on a shelf somewhere. An account rep had been 'assigned' to it and it was being fulfilled.

I get another email Monday to say the order has been fulfilled.. 4 days.. bla bla. It also includes specs about my phone.. and a new phone number.

Wait, wait, wait.. Homey talked with a rep and said I'd be able to keep my current phone number.

So I called the 800# again and was told I apparently bought this as an "add-on" and would have to call another 800# when I got the phone.

So I get the phone Thursday the 29th.. and it had arrived the 27th, but the front desk never called me about it!! Ugh.. a little peeved, but I take my new pet upstairs and prepare to be on the phone for awhile.

90 minutes later.. nothing is resolved. I'm transferred 5 times or so between Customer Care, Account Services, Tech Support (hmm) and back, that I finally say to the last guy, "Okay, what department are you in before I start my spiel so I know I'm talking to the right person"

Here's what I wanted done. I have a new phone with a new phone number. I want to keep new phone and old phone number. Difficult? Apparently, yes, it is. Finally the last guy says all I have to do is take both phones to a Store and they can do a transfer. Cool.

So I go to the store Saturday and explain, yet again, my situation.

Can't do it. The phone has to be active for 15 days or something ridiculous.

So I have 2 phones and 2 numbers I'm paying for. I have until the 23rd (end of my billing cycle) to take care of it before I have to pay the $200 termination fee.

For the love of God, I just want a phone that doesn't drop my calls, that lets me know I have a message the day I receive it, and lets me text message. All I want to do is send/receive text messages!!

I must say, I do sort of like the knew phone number, but it has a 443 area code and I'm partial to my 202. The new number also has my childhood street address in it, which is kinda cool. I just don't want to go through the hassle of passing out a new phone number and updating it on whatever bathroom stall it was posted in.

I am paying for it and might as well use it..

Will the saga ever end???


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