Friday, June 30, 2006


It has happened before and people would laugh about it, but not today.

Monday we had a candidate in to interview for a position in our Philly office. I wasn't on the interview schedule, but since I work with people in the Philly office, I was "encouraged" to attend the presentation.

Hey.. I can't help it that the presentation was boring. It was also warm in the room and raining outside. Well, I got busted for nodding off. I was sure people saw me and I tried to cover it up by pretending to take notes, but I don't think it worked.

It didn't.

I had my annual review today and got a very nice raise. I think part of the raise has to do with the fact that I'll be taking on my bosses work when she goes on maternity leave in early September. Maybe they think it'll encourage me to.. oh, get to work at a decent hour.. be more productive.. and not fall asleep in presentations and meetings.

Well, I'm feeling good about said raise until she stops by my cube. You know it's not a good conversation when she lowers her voice and starts with, "I know I shouldn't be talking about this here, but.. "

Apparently The Big Boss from the Philly office, who was there as well, noticed me nodding off. On top of that, one of the VPs of the department was sitting behind me and my head kept falling back and forth.

I was told "you might want to work on that for the next quarter".

Duly noted.


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