Saturday, July 15, 2006

The End of My Cell Phone Saga..

.. hopefully.

I don't know what I said last time, but after stopping in the Sprint store a few weeks ago, I was told to "come back later" and they'd be able to swap the phone numbers. LO and BEHOLD, they can't do what I thought they could.

Surprise, surprise, eh?

So I picked up the red phone and talked to Customer Care.. yknow, the one I talked to for god knows how long when I first got the phone. Well Brenda was more helpful than anyone I've talked to throughout this whole ordeal and got things all cleared up.

Here's the low down.. I have to send back the new phone. The number has been cancelled. Since I've been a long-time, loyal Sprint customer, I qualified for $150 towards an upgrade. So I purchased the same phone (but in burgundy!) at the store and had my number transferred to that phone. Contract renewed over the phone, text and web capabilities added as well.

So I purchase the phone and have them set it up. And again, things don't go smoothly. Apparently Brenda charged me $200 for the free phone I had purchased online and would be sending back. While Alex, the Sr. Communications Consultant at the Sprint store, muttered "what the fuck" and "this dumbass system" over and over, he did me a favor and credited my account that $200 so my $150 upgrade credit would go through and I would be on my way. As unprofessional as his grumbling was, he really helped out.

New phone - $50
Mail in rebate - $30
Actual cost of phone - $20.. plus weeks of aggravation
Ability to text like a banshee, receive my messages in a timely manner, and charge my phone - priceless!

Let's hope Brenda nor anyone else at Sprint tries to charge this loyal Sprint customer that $200 again.


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