Tuesday, July 25, 2006


In random order..

2 - Days before I leave for Montreal
10 - Days I'll be there.
3 - Events I'll be participating in - 40K bike race, Olympic distance tri, half-marathon.

31 - Days until I fly back to Michigan for the weekend.
8 - Kilometer race I'm running that weekend.
43 - (or under) minutes I hope to finish in.. I really have no idea since I rarely do a run under 10 miles or a half-marathon.. unless it's a 10K at the end of an Olympic distance triathlon.

4 - Day in September when my boss is due to deliver
12 - weeks she'll be on maternity leave
12 - weeks I will be pulling my hair out
1 - class I'll be taking during that time.

30 - Days has September
2 - Pull ups I'm supposed to do before said day of September
68 - Days until said day.
7 - Seconds I could hold myself up; forearms perp to the ground, biceps parrallel to the ground.
2 - months ago I could do that.
3 - Seconds I could hold myself in that same position tonight


68 - days until Chesapeake Man
1 - other time I've completed this race.
3 - other Ironmans I have completed since 2002.
90 - minutes registration for Ironman Lake Placid 2007 sold out in.
362 - Days until the race

The countdown begins.. or continues..


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