Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All Hail the Queen

I've been a fan of Queen Latifah's for awhile.. moreso for her movies than for her singing. You have to admit that she looked good in "Chicago".. (those were some bodacious tata's!!) So I want to share one of my few stories from Montreal that I'm willing to share.

The chick to my left in the picture below is from Seattle. She and I were walking to a bar together one night and we got to chatting about clothes and shopping. I told her how I hate shopping because nothing fits. On top of that, I hate seeing myself in the mirror and I admitted to having a poor body image. She admitting that she hates shopping, too, as she's short and squatty and has a hard time finding jeans that fit.

She told me is in a relationship with a woman and they have been together about a year. Things are going great. She said one thing about her new love that has been different from those is the past is how she is treated. Her new love adores her body and she loves that. It makes her feel better about herself.

She also told me about a scene from the movie "Barbershop 2" with Queen Latifah. I haven't seen the movie, but she said Queen asks a guy if the jeans she's wearing makes her butt look big. He says, "Yes." Queen replies, "Good.." slaps her ass, and saunters away.

And she told me that whenever she's feeling bad about her body, she thinks of that scene. QL is by no means skinny and she knows that, but she carries herself well. She's proud of her body.

So when my friend is having a bad body day, she says to herself "Queen Latifah".

I've been saying that to myself a lot recently.

I met someone after Montreal. We've gone out a few times since then and are really hitting it off. She's a great person and I find myself getting those butterflies in my stomach again. It's a good thing. She's a good thing. She is good to me. She is better to me than I am to myself. I can't say how many times I've thought 'why me? what is it she sees in me?' and I've told her this many times. She knows about my reservations about my body.. and for some reason she likes my body. I don't get it. I honestly don't get it. And there a gazillion other single lesbian fish out there I know would be dying to be in my shoes, to be able to get to know such an amazing person.

So I find myself muttering 'Queen Latifah' under my breath, trying to muster up the confidence of The Queen.

I've also been saying, "when you're good to mamma, mamma's good to you," in hopes that mantra has some 'luck' behind it, too.

heck.. doesn't hurt to try!


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous mmrocker13 said...

I used to ask myself those same questions about Pat. Why me? Why are you so GOOD to me? Why on earth me? And some days, I still do...

But at some point, you have to realize, it shouldn't be Why me? Really? Me? It should be, Yes, you.

You have to let yourself let someone think you're beautiful...it's the first step in believing it yourself. ;-)


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