Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the end of summer

Coworker #1 to Coworker #2 - "Can you do anything about the temperature in here?"

Coworker #2 replies, "Why?"

C1 - "It's freezing in here."

C2 - "It's not that bad."

C1 - "Not that bad? Look at Jen's hands.. feel them."

C2 feels them. "Kinda cold."

C1 - "Kinda? They're ice blocks. And her fingertips are purple. So can you talk to someone about turning up the heat?"

C2 - "Oh.. she's just cold because she's a vegetarian."

C1 and I stare blankly at C2.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

This is an actual (paraphrased) exchange from 3 years ago. It happens every year in my office, and apparently only on the floor I work on. Since then, my group moved from floor 2 on the old side to floor 5 on the new side. You'd think heat would rise, right? Not when the temp is set at 62.

It doesn't help that my hands, feet, ears, and nose are usually cold, but when most of my coworkers are wearing jackets inside, you know something is wrong. I know my company is cheap and like to keep heating costs low, but this is ridiculous. And I know most of my coworkers aren't vegetarians, so that can't be why they're cold.

I would say "can't wait until they turn the heat on", but even then, I'll be cold.. and people will bitch about it being too warm.

Can't win.


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