Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Easy Part is Done

The application has been turned in. I have officially applied to graduate.. for 100 frickin dollars! I would say "it'll pay itself off in the long run," but I doubt that is true.

So on the 11th of September I started my fourth and final class of the graduate certificate program I am in. Things are going well and this looks to be a good sememster. I hope to get an A and finish on a good note. What I'll do with my 'degree', I don't know yet, but I hope to use it as a springboard into a new career.

However, since work is paying for it (when I get an A or a B), I have to wait a full year after completing the last class before leaving the company, which I hope to do. I have been here for 4.5 years and in 2008 or 2009, the company is looking to move to a location further away from the District. I can't say I'm all too thrilled about that because it means I will have to buy a car.. there's no getting around it.

Is it selfish or wrong of me to consider finding a new job because my company wants to move? I haven't had a car since August 2001 when I wrecked mine in an accident. Have I thought of buying one? Sure.. many times. But I want to buy a car on my terms and when I'm ready. I don't want to buy one when I'm not ready, and with my company moving, it makes me feel like I have to by a car on their terms.

Aside from the car situation, I just can't see myself with the company for more than 2 more years anyway. I've moved up to as far as I want to go unless I want a Manager position, which I really don't. My boss, who is on maternity leave until December, will be coming back part-time and won't be my boss anymore.. at least I don't think. She'll be working 3 days a week from home. I'll be happy when she's back, but it will leave me wondering about my position with the company and within our team when she takes backs the clients I took over for her.

Lots to think about.


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