Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The final countdown

It's that time of year again.

I'm making my 2nd annual trip back to Michigan to celebrate homecoming with my college buds. I don't think my liver has recovered from last year, however, drinking with the rubgy chicks has helped get me into prime drinking shape. I should be able to hold my own for 2 nights of binge drinking.

The only small concern I have is that my father is looking forward to running the 5k with me Saturday morning. I've done numerous stupid things while drunk/hungover, so why should this be any different. Well, it's my dad.. that's why.

My mom emailed me yesterday to tell me that the course changed, so the whole thing is now on campus. I asked her to fax me a copy of the route, but she said dad is hoarding it. He doesn't want me to have any sort of 'edge' going into the race. I don't want to make any wild predictions, but I think I might beat him. The only way I couldn't would be if I didn't show up because I was still passed out.

It could happen, tho.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to this weekend. I've been looking forward to this weekend since last year and I've been looking forward to it since February when most of us were together for a wedding. I even told my boss then that I would be taking a couple days off in October. I think she knows it's a given every year.

I know I will come back on a bit of a low, but that's fine. The holidays are close and I'll be back in a few short months. After that, who knows, but I don't want to think about that just yet.

I have a few games of Flip Cup to focus on winning.


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