Wednesday, September 27, 2006


As a follow up to yesterday's post regarding the outward display of the company 'dog tags', I was officially carded for the first time this morning. There have been a few 'break ins' over the past year, so my fellow employees are trying to be more diligent. We have been advised to make sure that anyone entering the secure doors shows a badge and can't let anyone 'piggy back' their way in. If we see any maintenance workers, we need to make sure they have a 'visitor' badge on them. Most recently, someone posing as a maintenance worker followed someone in and stole a few wallets and purses from cubes. A few years back a few laptops were stolen.

Apparently, me waltzing in at 11:15am was a cause for concern.. and, no, I wasn't hungover - I had PT this morning. I'm a casual commuter so I wear running shoes, shorts, and a T shirt. I'm looking very laid back. Well, the other lesbian that works on my floor/wing, who has seen me everyday for at least the past year, asked to see my badge before we both entered through the secured doors. I wanted to play the, "Hey, we're family!" card, but thought I'd save it for another more appropriate time.. like at a company happy hour when I'm a little tipsy.

I understand her concern, of course. And I WAS reaching into my pocket for my badge before she asked to see it. And I'm sure I wouldn't have been carded if I used my handy-dandy belt clip badge holder to proudly display my affiliation with the company. None the less, it is good to see other trying to prevent future thefts... BUT I'VE WORKED HERE 4 YEARS! We're not *that* big of a company. Criminy.. get to know a few of your coworkers and, oh, maybe hold the door open for them once in awhile.

I think I'll attend the "Live Safe America: 3 A-s of Living Safe: Awareness, Avoidance & Action" class/meeting this Friday. I'm hoping to learn some 'action' moves so I can roundhouse kick someone to the face.

Don't try piggybacking in with me!


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