Sunday, October 08, 2006

Past Due

Earlier this year I made my one Resolution for 2006 - to be able to do 2 full chin ups or pull ups (whichever one has you have your palms facing in). I had hoped to complete them by September 30th. Well, that date has come and gone and I am no closer to completing my Resolution now than I was when I first made it.

Did I fail?

Nah.. I don't think so.

Like most Resolutionists, I was gung-ho at first as evident by my bi-monthly updates. Those came less and less and eventually I fell off the wagon. I got back on then I met someone who got me involved with rugby. From there, I injured my rotator cuff and stayed away from the gym for awhile. That time off kept me from doing my hangs and my push ups, the staples of my training.

So we're over a week into October. Now what?


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