Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Two month layoff

I have a couple of posts in draft form that would seem silly to finish. I had been talking about my training and getting out for some long runs, and then preparing for the Bull Run Run 50 miler after 4 weeks of run training.

That race came and went with me dropping out at mile 16. I knew within the first few miles of the race that it was either going to be a long and miserable day, or a short day. I went with the latter. My hip was bothering me early on as I 1.) went out too fast, and 2.) had done training runs that were mostly hills that included lots of fast hiking. This is a very runable course. After finishing the race just over 10 hours the year before, I wasn't prepared physically or mentally to possibly add 3 hours to that, so I checked out early. It was great to spectate at one of the main aid stations and watch all the runners come in at the end. I felt no remorse or guilt for DNFing.

What was tough was when I officially withdrew from MMT a week later. I knew after BRR that MMT wasn't going to happen, so it was a matter of making it official. If I wasn't willing to push myself for 13 hours, no way was I going to put myself or my crew (GF) through 36 hours of bitching and moaning and countless expletives. We'd just celebrated 3 years together earlier in the month, and I hope to make it at least another 3 years minimum without too much bickering. It was a good choice, I shed my tear, and made sure my spot went to a friend of mine who was #1 on the wait list at the time. He is in great shape and should do well this year.

Even though it's been about 2 months since my last post, I haven't been bumming around. I went to see the doctor again and have decided to hold off on PT or another MRI. I'm looking into a chiropractor and ART. Additionally, I've been busy as ever with Crossfit (doing and teaching) and Capitol Endurance, the endurance team I've started in conjunction with Crossfit Capitol Hill. It has been great working with the athletes so far.

My training has been great. I'm lifting more than ever before. I'm doing short runs and was able to knock out a 2.5 mile run in 21:32; another fast time for me. As for races, I have a few in mind that I know I can get healthy for in the fall. If that doesn't happen, then I'll have plenty of time to get ready for MMT next year. Besides, odd numbered years seem to work better for me. As for rowing, that is up in the air for the Spring. I think my schedule is plenty full, and I like it that way.


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